Going Somewhere? Don’t Forget To Take These 10 Things!

things to pack when traveling


Traveling is fun. Yes, it is fun unless you start missing some tools. In any type of tour, organizing the travel bag becomes very important.

Because of the excitement of the upcoming adventure, we forget to take the most important things for a safe and sound travel.

This is why we are going to make sure that you have taken these tools in your travel bag.


» Water Bottle

Water Bottle

This is the precondition of any travel. You cannot just ask for water every now and then from your fellow passenger. Taking a sip from the water bottle gives you instant refreshment. A perfect water bottle for traveling should have some basic characteristics.


First of all, it should be made of durable materials. And, you cannot just risk of getting wet with a loosened bottleneck. That will cause an irritating flow of water. Make sure the mouth of your water bottle is safe and prevents water from spilling.


» Travel Mug

Travel Mug

Water bottles are not the appropriate pot to store your morning coffee or lime juice. In order to keep it warm or cold, you have to use travel mugs. Before you look for the best travel mug, you need to make sure that the brand and quality are checked.


The internal material of the mug has to be durable and easily washable. Sometimes, there is an unknown odor inside the travel mug. You should check it while buying. And, go through some previous travel mug reviews to select the best from them.


The best part of having a travel mug is easiness of drinking anything without spilling all over the area. It saves your favorite dress and keeps the beverage in expected temperature as well!


» Hammock


What is a tour without some excitement! A hammock is the best thing when you are planning to travel. If you are traveling to a beach or jungle, just attach the hooks. Hang it and start reading a book grabbing coffee in your travel mug. Sounds perfect? Well, it is!


To find the best hammock, you need to consider the quality and convenience of the product. There should be durable ropes and easiness of attaching hooks. Most importantly, the hammock should have enough capacity to carry your weight.

» Insect Repellent


If you are going to an unknown place, keep a place in your bag for the insect repellent. Mosquito and flies carry dangerous diseases and you should not risk your life with that.


To choose the best insect repellent, you need to know either the brand is allergic to your skin or not. It should be easily applicable. While keeping the insect repellent, you have to cover it with a bag. You may also take the prescription from your doctor to purchase the best insect repellent.

Let not the mosquito or fly irritate you. Make the travel free from the buzzing sound.


» Knife, fork, and plate

Hygiene is a very essential part for a traveler. Eating properly is also a part of keeping the tour healthy for the body. And, this will be ensured if you have a spare knife and fork in your bag. The roadside hotels are not safe from germs.


Also, you will not require washing hands or be using tissue before eating a burger. Just take out your plate, fork, and knife. Start eating with style!


» Portable tools


This part includes:

  1. A fan like tower fans
  2. Sewing machine, and
  3. An iron


If you are in a corporate tour or family holiday, it is not possible to get the cold air during a scorching heat of the summer. A portable fan like oscillating fan can give you relief from such problem.


Again, you may think, “why do I need a sewing machine for a travel?” The answer is, “to ensure a hassle-free travel”. Shirts and pants are not durable and buttons get easily detached. A portable sewing machine is like a stapler. So, you need not worry about adding a button anymore.

The same thing is applicable for the iron.


» Power bank


Who doesn’t use a smartphone these days? Very few and I don’t think you are one of them. A power bank will free you from the tension of charging the phone during the travel. In order to pick the best power bank, you must buy it from a renowned brand.


Also, check the warranty and user reviews for knowing the usability of the product.


» Umbrella


London is not only the area where you need an umbrella. Either the day is sunny or rainy; an umbrella is a tool to keep the day good for you. You should find a folding umbrella with good quality rods. The opening system has to be easy. Always take it during a tour.


The best part is an umbrella can save the money you spend on sunscreen. How about that?


» Map and compass


Though it seems old-fashioned, it helps a traveler the most. Sometimes, Google Maps cannot be accessed from a remote area. There, a map will be more than just helpful.


Also, you will get to learn about your destined place more from the map. The compass helps in navigating the tour. And, guess what? You will feel like Captain Jack Sparrow on your next journey.


» Selfie-stick


It is hard to find a photographer during a tour. If you are traveling alone, the selfie-stick is going to be the best friend. It helps to take your picture without any help from other people.


Also, selfie-stick is mandatory for a group tour. By using the stick, you can cover the whole area of the group. So, don’t forget to take the selfie-stick in your bag.



Before you pack dresses and other things, make sure these 10 are already placed in the bag. Each of these tools will increase the enjoyment of your travel and reduce extra effort. Ready to travel? Bon voyage!

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