Moving Furniture Tips : Best Tips To Follow Today!

Whether you are relocating to a nearby suburb or a far away town, one fact that remains vital while moving house is the safety of not only you and those in your home but also the furniture and other items in transit.

Here, we will focus on a few moving furniture tips that will help you see the successful migration of your furniture into your new residence. These include:


Preliminary Moving Furniture Tips


1.Inform Your Insurance Service Providers Of Your Intention To RelocateInsurance

First things first; even before deciding on what and what not to do with the furniture while relocating, let your insurance company be informed of your intentions just in case you have your different units covered with them. That way, you will easily get compensated in the event of any damages.


2.Go Through Moving Furniture Manuals In Case Your Different Pieces Were Bought With Any Of Them

We all know the importance of following instructions. If any of your movables came with a manual, go through the guidelines before making any attempts on either dissembling, wrapping, or moving them.


3.Order Packing Cases And Cushioning Materials In Good Time

Since there will need to wrap and pad the different appointments as well as pack the disassembled pieces, order for the packing cases, pads, cloth, and all that you need in good time to give allowance for returns in the event that you are dissatisfied with them.


4.Cushion The Furniture From Any Accidental Moves With Plastics Or Blankets

Wrap the chair, tables, wall units, beds, sofas, and all that you have in your home to protect them from damages such as accidental spills and dust.


5.Invest In Slides To Avoid Tirelessly Carrying Or Carelessly Dragging The Furniture

There are many furniture slides in a variety of shapes and sizes sold at different physical and online retail outlets. Optionally, you can also make your own slides at home.


6.Lifting Straps Are Another Great Investment

Depending on whether you will be moving on a flat or uneven surface, choose suitably adjustable lifting straps that are handy and safer when moving furniture from one place to another.


7.Know Where Your Furniture Will Land

This moving house tip simply indicates that there should be a sense of organization while relocating. Know where to place your different pieces upon arrival at your destination. You can even mark where each effect is to be placed in your new home.


8.Remove Whatever Part You Can Make Moving Flexible

Some furniture can completely be disassembled and packed in boxes whereas other such as the sofas can have their legs removed. This is a moving tip that can make your work easier to manage.


9.Do Not Lose The Pieces Of The Disassembled Parts

Another important moving furniture tip is that you place the disassembled pieces somewhere where they can be easily retrieved for assembly.


10.Secure All The Doors And The Drawers

This can be done a day or two before moving house to ensure that the doors do not swing open while carrying the furniture around or when the van or truck swerves around the corner.


11.Organise For A Sizable Van Or Truckvan

This means that you will have to assess all your fittings and have an estimated size of the van that can carry them in one or more trips depending on your budget.


12.Pack In Good Time

Where there is need to disassemble different pieces, do the packing in good time- a day or two before preferably, to avoid being caught up in a rush which increases chances for blunders.


Where Delicate Furniture Is Involved…


13.Consult The Experts

There are those fragile pieces, especially furniture made of glassware which need some extra keen attention. If not show how to handle such, do not struggle but instead liaise with professionals to ensure maximum safety. Consider hiring movers since they have been trained to handle furniture with precaution.

On The Day Of Relocating Moving Furniture Tips…


14.Do Not Do It Alone Where Delicate And Heavy Furniture Are involved

Regardless of how much you trust in your strength; be humble and rely on the help of others in carrying different movables around.


15.Use The Carry High And Low Method While Moving Down Or Upstairs

To avoid dropping your cabinet, shelving unit, sofa or whatever it might be, carry it at a diagonal angle as it helps balance the weight while going up or downstairs.


16.Load The Heavy Furniture On The Van Or Track Firstsofa

This is a safety precaution for large furniture such as sofas, couches, chests, appliances and much more. They are safest at the back of the van or truck.


17.Do Not Force The Different Ensembles Into The Van

The temptation to cut down the cost of transportation can come with some irresistible energy especially if you are living in the wrong days of the month. Nevertheless, do not push harder to fit the coach or any other piece into the van as this might lead to damages.


18.Protect The Floor By Laying Down Sheets While Moving Furniture

To avoid unexpected knocks at your door by your former landlord in demand for damages fee, take precautions while moving furniture on slides by laying down cotton sheets on the floor.


19.Ramp It Up Where Necessary

This can be handy in maneuvering your different pieces around.


20.Do Not Be In A Hurry To Unpack

Once you are settled in your new home. Do not be in a hurry to unpack your different furniture pieces in case the movers did not do it on your behalf. Instead, take a day off work and secure your effects to the very last moment.


These are all the moving furniture tips you need to successfully disassemble, transport, organize and reassemble your different furnishings. Where in doubt on what to do, always liaise with the experts.

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