Tower Fans: How to Keep Your Room Cool

Not only the airflow but also the exterior!

Room decoration and living in peace have become two fundamental issues for people. Have you recently noticed the designs of home theaters?

They are stylish as well as less place consuming. The compact, sleek and effective placement of such a tower-looking product increases the smartness of the room. And, here comes the necessity of the tower fans.

Tower fans have become the latest sensation for buyers. Because of its stunning appearance, design and easy control, the fan is taking over the market swiftly. People are choosing tower fans over the typical round-shaped fans.

That is why we are going to inform you of everything about the tower fan. It will help you to understand why it is necessary and how to make the best use of a tower fan. Ready? Let’s start with the reasons for having a fan at home.


Why Are Tower Fans the Best?

Effective airflow, Smart Design, and Compact Placement

Depending on the size of your room or house, purchase the best tower fans. Then, you will realize the superior quality in airflow. The air is cool and will refresh you in a second. The strong motor installed in the tower fan has a durable lifetime.

The most attractive part of having this fan is the interior decoration of your house. It gives a smart look to your home. The height of the fan may differ, but it will not take much place. Most of the professional interior architects suggest installing tower fans in order to save the place for decorating the other furniture.

As the fan consumes less space, you will get more opportunities to place the furniture in the right place. Again, most of the available fans have remote control features. This means, along with controlling the AC, you can also control the speed of your fan.

The cold airflow is undoubtedly the ultimate reason for bringing the tower fans. The blades move so fast that you will not feel any warm. It cools down the entire room in a fraction of second.

Don’t you think you should get a tower fan as soon as possible? Grab one now!

Already have one? Follow the following tips to make the best use of the fan.

How to Use the Tower Fan Proper Way

Place: At first, you need to understand how much the placement is necessary and the power of your purchased best tower fans. Some of the best oscillating fans include remote control features. If you have one in your device, it will be a plus.

Make sure that the airflow reaches to every corner of the room. Allowing the fan to blow the cold air to the corners will be necessary to survive. We recommend using the corners for placing the fan.


Electricity: Tower fans and oscillating fans require a minimum amount of electricity. It means, whenever there is an electricity failure, you need not be tensed. The Technology included in these machines will be enough to maintain a good airflow even in the low voltage. All you have to do is finding a nearby socket and put the plugin.


Cleanliness: If you suddenly start feeling a less amount of airflow from the oscillating fan, the unclean blade can be the reason. This is why you should clean the blades more often. The process is quite easy for a fan! Just pick a brush or a piece of cloth. Wet it in a cleaning solution


Base Protection: The fan requires a strong place to keep the base steady. And, your part is to provide one. The base protection means that the base should have the eligibility of bearing the weight of the above parts. However, the designers always take it as an important concern. But you need to ensure that the fan should not face any distortion.


Remote and LED: As the technology used in the fan is advanced and you can use a remote to control from the distance, it is necessary to take care of the remote too. Some experts suggest using a cover to protect the remote from breaking. It is a must to use new batteries rather than damaged ones.

Troubleshooting a Tower Fan

When you buy a technology product, you must know some basic home remedies to troubleshoot minor problems. And, the problematic situations regarding the tower fans have the best and most convenient solutions.

Firstly, the most common problem appears with the fluctuation of the airflow. As we discussed before, the electricity may play the actual reason behind the problem. Fixing the socket and electric line will be the remedy for that.

Secondly, if the airflow is continuously decreasing, the blades may get jammed. To get rid of this you need to clean the fan blades primarily. Sometimes the problem may continue even after that. Then, you need to consult with a technician for changing the motor.

Thirdly, the remote may not function properly. Try changing the batteries. This will give the power back. In case of continuation, purchase a substitute remote for a particular model of the oscillating fan.

Ultimately, you should not try to open the back panel of the fan. It may violate the warranty terms and conditions. Take the fan to the customer care for the maximum security and get it fixed.


Tower fans and oscillating fans are like the other household tools of our day to day life. They are required and should be maintained well. Otherwise, there is a chance of suffering from the hot temperature. The convenient usability and outstanding outlook have created it as one of the most desirable fan genres for the people.

When you are not using it, for example in summer, wrap it properly and keep in a safe place for further uses. Get the most from the fan. Let the heavenly breeze from the tower fans refresh you. Enjoy!

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