The 6 Best Shower Curtains : Pick One from the Top 6

best shower curtains

Are you looking for some privacy or redecoration for your bathroom? Adding a new “shower curtain” will be a great option. Curtains are the blessings for any restroom.

Why so?

It increases the usability and adds a sophisticated interior look to your restroom. The curtain helps to make the restroom available for multiple users. But choosing the best shower curtains is quite difficult.


So, we have shortened the list for your convenience. Among the hundreds of available options, we have found the top 6 curtains.


Each of them is good enough to meet your requirement.  Choose any one from the following and make your restroom healthier, fresher and more hygienic.


Why Exactly Should You Use Shower Curtain?

You may think like, “I am good without a curtain. Why should I use this?”

In some cases, you might not need one. But, in the long run, the curtain is going to save you from a lot of situations. You need considerable reasons, right? Here you go!


Shower Curtains Save the Floor

A washroom is usually parted in different sections. Flooding the floor from shower water is very common. The ultimate result is wet, risky, and mildewed floor. Who wants such unhygienic restroom floor?

Use a curtain and get rid of wet floor forever. The simple and easy solution to the problem!


Curtains Provide Privacy

Increasing the number of bathrooms at home is quite difficult and sometimes impossible. Imagine, you are taking shower and your son requires brushing the teeth for going to school. But, you have already blocked the restroom. What should you do?

Use the curtain while taking shower. You can take shower privately and your son will not get bothered by that. One bathroom, multiple uses without ruining each other’s privacy!


Curtains mean Hygiene

Who wants a restroom filled with bacteria? None! Curtains let the floor and walls dry from water. This ensures no bacteria or mildew on them. The hygiene is confirmed with a simple trick. How simple was that? This is another major reason for using a shower curtain at your bathroom.



Curtain is a Tool of Decoration

Though a person spends the least time of the day in the bathroom, it requires decorating properly. The best shower curtains can be the tool for increasing the decorative value of the place. Like other room in your house, the restroom has the potential to become a place of design.

To match your taste and color, curtain is a must.


I am sure these reasons are more than enough for convincing you in buying a nice, sturdy, and suitable shower curtain. Now, let’s move onto the top 6 & observe their features, pros, and cons properly and take the chance to order the appropriate one for yourself.



Top 6 Best Shower Curtains for Your Bathroom


1. Utopia Bedding Shower Curtain- Best Durability Assured

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00VLDJ83A” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00VLDJ83A” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8a0d” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

One of the major things that matter for positioning on the top of the list is durability. Utopia Bedding curtain is known as the “heavy duty shower curtain” in the market. It’s amazing durability and sturdy vinyl material have made it possible.

This square shaped curtain is suitable for a general size bathtub. However, you may need to hang the curtain properly. If you are concerned about any odor coming from the curtain, forget it! The curtain is absolutely safe from toxic chemicals. The current and previous user has admired the quality and compatibility of the curtain. Clear surface and clean lines let it match with any bathroom easily.

The easily washable feature has made the curtain even better. You need not put extra effort into cleaning Utopia Bedding Curtain. A machine wash is well-enough for wiping out dust and mildew.

The curtain has wonderful waterproof liners. One wipe with a damp cloth and you get the new look back.

The sturdiness of this curtain is stunningly great. There is no chance of getting torn apart from simple scratches. Being made of vinyl and nylon mesh, the curtain can hold a plenty of pressure on it.

So, next time you let your children play on the bathtub, this will be quite difficult for them to damage the curtain. For durability, extra uses and perfect combination with the surrounding walls, this curtain can be a great choice.

The heavy weight of the curtain has both a positive and negative effect. Sometimes, it is helpful for keeping the curtain still even you are taking shower with a speedy flow of water. When it comes about washing, the weight becomes a problem.

Most of the washing machines may get slowed while washing this curtain. Apart from such a little inconvenience, this heavy duty and ultra-durable curtain can easily take place in your washroom.


  • The durability is awesome
  • The curtain is easy to clean
  • Can protect the washroom from mildew
  • Liners can be wiped easily


  • Heavy in weight
  • Requires heavy capacity shower rod for hanging it
  • Machine wash requires a plenty of effort


2. InterDesign Thistle Shower Curtain- Suitable for Decoration

[azrev_img_box asin=”B006J23H5S” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B006J23H5S” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8b0f” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

This curtain is not only for hygiene but also for decoration purpose. And, you will understand it when this InterDesign This curtain hangs in your restroom. Eye-catching design and fabric material have made this curtain better than the others. The curtain has already taken a special space in the heart of people.

The first noticeable thing about this curtain is the design. The contemporary floral design on black and the blue surface has added an extra flavor to it. Any bathroom will get an additional beautifulness from this curtain.

Because of the dark surface, it is impossible to notice exterior specks of dust.

If you want to give the bathroom a lively look, the best way is purchasing the InterDesign curtain. This is a square shaped 72-inch curtain. Like any of the standard curtain, this covers an overall area of the bathtub.

The most useful part of picking up the curtain is the color. It will not diminish even you wash again and again. Machine wash is completely allowed to the curtain.

If someone asks me why this curtain takes place in this list, the combination of design and usefulness will be the reply. The curtain is water-repellent and free from mold or mildew attacks.

Nevertheless, the curtain has natural weight and convenient grommets for hanging.

Polyester-made curtains usually get dirty within a short period of time. Fortunately, this one does not have such a problem.

At the same time, an anti-bacterial feature of this beautiful curtain adds an extra layer of security for your family.


  • Amazing contemporary floral design
  • Good color combination
  • Water-repellent
  • Mildew resistant
  • Washable and requires less maintenance


  • Durability is questionable
  • The size is not suitable for small restrooms
  • Grommets are not attached to the holes. Requires buying externally.


3. Carnation Home Fashions Shower Curtain- Heavy Duty with Super Clarity

[azrev_img_box asin=”B0029LHIKS” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B0029LHIKS” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8808″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

If you do not like fancy shower curtains, Carnation Home Fashions is offering the suitable one for you. Though there are some issues about the size and thickness, the quality is very good from the other brands.

One of the reasons people choose this curtain is the clearness. The glossy surface brings freshness in the bathroom. At the same time, you can enjoy the shower without any disturbance.

A major reason for selecting this curtain for the bathroom is its sturdiness and durability. It is hard to ignore the simplest design. You will not have to worry about washing it. The curtain is okay with any kind of machine washing factor.

The rectangle shaped 72 inches by 84-inch size gives a full cover to the bathtub.

The grommets are placed perfectly and have an amazing smoothness. The hygiene factor is another important factor of the Carnation Home Fashions. To make it rust-free, PVC has been used for covering the overall surface.

From top to bottom, you will feel the actual freshness.

One thing can bother you while setting up the curtain in your restroom. The weight can be excessive in some points. Installing strong curtain rods with the capacity of holding the weight is the best solution to the problem.

Also, some previous and current customers have notified their dissatisfaction about the size. This is why we recommend reading the buying guide before making the purchase. Measure the area of your shower area and then order for the curtain. This will be a good experience for you.


  • Clear and thick
  • Mildew-resistant
  • Comes with grommets
  • Does not fly during the shower
  • Good for medium budget


  • No color variation
  • Can get stain after some washes
  • Some customers complained about the PVC smell


4. Saturday Knight Shower Curtain- Special World Map Printed

[azrev_img_box asin=”B001C4CK4C” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B001C4CK4C” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8b0f” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

People who want to add something special to the bathroom, this curtain is highly recommended. The first thing that will come to your mind after watching the curtain is the world map. Yes! The curtain is a large map of the world.

Every area is clearly printed on it so that your children can learn about the world while taking shower.

The curtain is best for the bathrooms of your children. The size is 70 inch by 72 inches. And, every detail of all the countries is available on the curtain. However, you may find the material used for the curtain unique. Rather than using the vinyl compound, PEVA has been used. PEVA is the complex version of vinyl.

The advantageous side is there is no bothering smell of vinyl.

One thing that may irritate you about is the see-through feature. Being a clear curtain, the thickness is not as good as previous ones. But, for entertainment and educational purpose, the Saturday Knight curtain truly gets a remarkable point for being one of the best shower curtains of the list.

In some situation, the curtain flies away. Unlike the other heavy duty curtains, this curtain has a little sturdiness. The grommets are stainless. A PEVA sheet is easily cleanable.

So, you need not worry about washing. A damp cloth wiping will be sufficient for cleaning the areas.

This curtain is mildew-resistant and a decorative piece for the bathroom. Another important feature of the curtain is detailed navigational texts printed on it. Your children will absolutely feel amazed while taking shower near it. The colorful world map does not wash away easily.

This PEVA-made shower curtain is admirable for making sheets more cleaning-friendly and durable.


  • Convenient cleaning process
  • Educational as well as entertaining for the shower
  • Colorful


  • Thickness is not as good as the other curtains
  • Not enough sturdy
  • The grommets get imbalanced in some moments.
  • Not assured about being waterproof.
  • There is a risk of growing mildew after frequent uses without cleaning.


5. Mildew Resistant Fabric Shower Curtain: The Simpler, The Better

[azrev_img_box asin=”B01CZ6BHQM” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B01CZ6BHQM” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8a0d” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

If you are looking for exactly the standard quality of a curtain, we will recommend this one. The curtain is possibly the most ideal version in the market. It has almost every required feature for being the best. Customers are happily purchasing the curtain in order to make the bathroom more hygienic and fresher.

The first feature that attracts everyone is the material. This curtain is made of full polyester material. It implies you will not have to worry a little about odor or vinyl allergies. If you ask me about the durability, choosing the curtain blindly will be as equal as purchasing it after seeing. The durability and manufacturing procedures are properly maintained by the manufacturers.

As this curtain is white in color, there is always a risk of getting stains or unwanted spots. Fortunately, there is a very little risk of getting stains. The current and previous users have provided satisfactory feedback’s about the curtain. The promise of mold-free and mildew-resistance are also true for them. Once you install the curtain at the bathroom, the worry is gone!


The major requirement for being an ideal fabric-made shower curtain is water-repellence. The curtain fulfills the requirement too! This is why it has been included as one of the best shower curtains by the experts.

Well, if you ask me about any fault of the curtain, there are some issues about the weighted hem. Also, there is no built-in liner. Without these two problems, the curtain is absolutely great!


  • High-quality fabric
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean and washable
  • Provides an outstanding support during the shower
  • Fully mildew-resistant, rust-free, and mold-resistant


  • No liner with the curtain
  • Only available in white color
  • Weighted hem creates problem after a certain time


6. Madison Park Essentials Merritt Shower Curtain- The Perfect Aquatic Flavored Curtain

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00SL8ATIG” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00SL8ATIG” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd8a0d” text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price on Amazon!”][/azrev_img_box]

When you are redecorating the house, why leave the bathroom? Adding this curtain to the shower gives an extraordinary aquatic flavor. The curtain saves a plenty of your effort for cleaning the washroom floor. At the same time, you will notice a sudden change in the environment of the restroom. This curtain is made of pure fabric. Its easiness in washing has made it even more acceptable to the customers.

Sometimes, typically white or clear curtains may bore your eyes. These are good for everyday uses. If you need to redecorate the whole washroom, something special in the pattern, color, and design can be really useful. The dark blue color expresses the inner freshness and gives your restroom stunning refreshment. Apart from the pattern and design, other features of the curtain are quite average.

Talking about the problems, you cannot ignore the fact about thickness. A curtain requires being thick enough for not flying during the shower time. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of this curtain have given more importance on making it beautiful rather than making it thick. You will have to add a liner while purchasing this one. The color is also darker than the advertised images. Some customers are happy with such a dark blue color. Before you make the purchase, consider some moments justifying the color.

The other features are completely amazing. The curtain looks great after putting on the shower curtain rod. The hooks are safe and stainless. Easily movable grommets have been attached for the maximum convenience. In short, the curtain fulfills every wish for a fancy looking washroom.

About the hygiene factor, the curtain has been manufactured to save the washroom from mildew and mold. The waterproof surface allows an easy damp-cloth-cleaning procedure. Just wipe and clean the whole area. Regular machine wash will not change the color of the curtain. As the curtain is made from polyester fabric, try to keep it away from sharp materials.


  • Fantastic looking
  • Eye-catching design
  • Mildew-resistant assured
  • Waterproof


  • No liner is provided with the curtain
  • Thin and less durable
  • Gets wasted within a short period of time
  • May not feet with all type of restrooms


How To Find Out the Best Shower Curtains?

As we already stated that there are hundreds of shower curtain brands available in the market. Not all of them are high in quality. To get the best, you must consider the factors given in the below. Let’s make it easier for you. Answer the questions and you will get your expected curtain!


Question Number One: What is the curtain made of?

Usually, you will get three types of materials used for the curtains:

  1. Vinyl
  2. Plastic and
  3. Fabric.

Depending on the requirement and the condition of your restroom, select the material. Remember that vinyl and plastic curtains are washable for a lot of times. These have more durability than a fabric one.

Another important factor about the material is dryness. Vinyl and plastic curtains dry faster than a fabric curtain. In most of the cases, customers go for any of the first two options.



Question Number Two: Do you like the pattern or design of the curtain?

Most of the time, people buy new shower curtains for decorating purpose. This is why it is mandatory that the color, design, and pattern should match with the color of the walls. The color used on plastic curtains is more durable than the fabric or vinyl curtains.

Like me, you can take the picture of your restroom on your smartphone and match with curtains for finding the best one.



Question Number Three: Is it mildew and mold-resistant?

People change their curtains as getting mildew on it becomes unavoidable. You can easily get rid of such problem by making the right decision at the beginning. And, what is that?

Find out the mildew-resistant shower curtain.



Question Number Four: Does it have the feature of water-repellent?

Splash causes water on the curtain. Make it sure that the curtain is water-repellent. This is important for ensuring the durability and your hygiene. Without having this feature, your curtain will become the safe house of dangerous bacteria and mildews.

Also, water-repellent shower curtains save the floor of your restroom. You will not get any type of odor coming from the curtain.



Question Number Five: Is it sturdy and budget-friendly?

“The best shower curtain” does not have to be the most expensive one. You should choose something that matches your budget. At the same time, the curtain needs to have proper strength to hold from the curtain rod. A sturdy and budget-friendly shower curtain can give you more satisfaction for a long time.


If all the answers come up correctly, you are good to go for purchasing the curtain.



Frequently Asked Questions about The Shower Curtains


What is the best material for shower curtains?

As a curtain has to come in contact to water very frequently, the material has to be water-repellent. Vinyl and fabric bathroom curtains are used vastly in every corner of the world. A modern fabric known as PEVA is also used for making curtains. Among all of them, vinyl and polyester are the best material for shower curtains.


Which kind of fabric is used in shower curtains?

Polyester performs the best for a curtain. It is also easily cleanable. Being said so, you can look for PVC too. The best thing about purchasing a polyester shower curtain is the freedom from odor. PVC becomes fragile after a certain time and starts smelling. The polyester does not have such a problem.


Why I need a liner with a shower curtain?

A liner keeps away water from the floor. The curtain creates a wall and the liner supports the curtain. Both of them do a fine job in keeping the water inside the basin or bathtub. This is the reason for purchasing a curtain and a liner together. In some curtains, the liner is pre installed. You can purchase them for saving money and extra-hassle.


How am I supposed to install the shower curtain?

Installation of a curtain is an easy job. All it requires is a shower curtain rod, hooks, grommets, and screws. Attach the rod on the wall. Put the grommet and hook together. Hang the curtain. Done! Measure the distance properly in order to avoid any problem during the shower.


What type of liquid should I use for cleaning shower curtains?

Glass-cleaner and detergent are perfect liquids for cleaning a shower curtain. For some bathroom curtains, a damp cloth wipe is enough. All you need to ensure is no mildew on the surface.


How often should I change the shower curtain?

It totally depends on the frequency of using the curtain. Typically, 2-3 months are the perfect duration for a piece of the curtain. Change it after this period. This habit will help you to keep a clean bathroom.


Should I iron on the shower curtain?

Absolutely not! This ruins the material and creates permanent damage. The materials used in a shower curtain are usually foldable and flexible. They remain straight even without using the heat.


Can I recycle my old shower curtain?

It depends on the material. For vinyl and plastic shower curtains, you can recycle them. Simply cut and customize the shape. Remove the damaged places. Put the curtain on any place you wish. Clean and wipe regularly for keeping it safe.


What size is the most suitable for a shower curtain?

The answer depends on the size of your bathtub and washroom. Usually, a 72X72 inch curtain fits with all the washrooms. Measure the size of two opposite walls and you will get the required measurement. Thank you.



Final Verdict

Which one is your favorite from the best shower curtains list above?

If you ask me, I would suggest having all six of them for using on different occasions. For making the curtain furthermore useful, try to wash them regularly.

In moisture, these curtains may get affected with mildews and molds. Wash them and dry in sunlight.

Choose any of the six items depending on the advantageous sides of the curtains. They will surely be a good addition to your restroom. Select right now!



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