5 Best Mass Gainers Reviews

Getting your body in shape can be quite the difficult, right?

Best quality Mass Gainer you should check

Not only do you have to sweat it out in the gym day in and day out, but you have to watch your diet as well.

But what happens when you cannot recover the mass you just shed at the gym, or cannot simply put on weight to burn because of your highly active metabolism?

If you’re what they call a hard gainer – that is you have a hard time gaining mass – a mass gainer supplement can do wonders for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best mass gainers you can buy right now to help you get that lean, fit physique you’ve always wanted.

5 Best Mass Gainer in 2019 – Comparision Table

ImageNameProtein (per serving):Calories (per serving):RatingsPrice
Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Gainer Protein Powder50g1250A+
Nature's Best Isopure Mass53g600A
Scientifically Superior Weight Gain Formula60g1000A
Universal Nutrition Real Gains53g600A

What is Mass Gainers?

So, what exactly are mass gainer? Simply put, they are a calorie-rich supplement that will help you get that extra bit of calorie count you’ll need to shed for muscle building.

Calling a muscle gainer only calorie-rich might be an understatement, as it comes with various levels of highquality protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fat gain, amino acids, minerals, and a number of other supplements to gain weight.

Surprisingly, muscle gainers are not a modern concept. Bodybuilders, particularly hard gainers have been using protein bars for a long time for bodybuilding. In its early, crude form, muscle gainers were made using lots of fat burners and sugar, and had to be taken in a large serving.

This didn’t exactly result in a healthy caloric intake, so the need for a more standard, easily understandable system was required.

The BV rating, or Biological Value rating, was then introduced to understand mass gainer better, particularly the standard of the protein used in them. The higher the BV rating of your protein isolate, the faster it will be absorbed by your body.

Although there’s no official categorization of whey protein gainer, you can understand the kind of isolated protein and other supplements you are taking from your mass gainer supplement based on this rating.

Top 10 Best Mass Gainers – Reviews

1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Protein Gainer

This is your one-stop source for high calorie. It serves an incredible 1250 calories in every serving, accompanied by 50 and 250 grams of protein and carbohydrates respectively.

You also get essential supplements like Glutamine, creatine monohydrate, and 25 different vitamins in every serving. You can even add your own flavor using an electric blender! For gaining mass with small servings, this nutrition mass can be your top pick.


  • Whey protein gainer with high calorie
  • Every serving includes 1250 calories, protein (50 grams), carbohydrates (250 grams), and 25 vitamins
  • Glutamine and Creatine
  • Extra flavor can be added


  • Serving sizes can be too big for many
  • Can be too much sweet for some

2. Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Following the tradition of this Nutrition, its Pro Gainer Protein Powder is another high BV gainer that ticks all the boxes to gain mass fast, particularly its offering of 600 calories per serving. It comes equipped with 60 grams of high quality, high BV proteins in every scoop. With 85 and 5 grams of carbohydrates and fiber in each serving, it makes for an all-round advanced powder gainer.

But the best thing about this one is perhaps its use of little to no sugar. In every serving, you will get only 5 grams of sugar, which your body can handle with ease.


  • High BV proteins (60 grams per serving)
  • Each scoop comes with proper amounts of carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids, and lipids
  • Essential minerals and 26 vitamins
  • Little to no sugar included
  • Additional flavors can be added


  • Can be a bit pricey
  • Taste may not be for everyone

3. Nature’s Best Isopure Mass

If you’re looking for a  supplement that helps you gain mass and taste good at the same time, then Nature’s Best Isopure Mass might be what you have been looking for. It is tasty, not that sweet, and just the right amount of thick to taste like a drink rather than a blended smoothie.

On the inside, Nature’s Best Isopure Mass offers 86 and 53 grams of carbs and whey protein gainer to go with 600 calories per serving. With this mass gainer, you will actually feel you’re gaining bran rather than getting bulky.


  • High BV whey protein
  • Gluten and lactose-free
  • 600 calories
  • Easy to gulp down
  • Can be taken with water or milk


  • Serving size is a big too big at 6 scoops
  • Taste, particularly the artificial sweetener might not be for everyone


4. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

Muscle gaining is not a universal phenomenon – many people find it particularly difficult to battle a fast metabolism mechanism and gain mass at the same time. To help those hard gainers, Dymatize’s super mass gainer can be a great pick.

This supplement packs a whopping 1260 calories in every serving, while its BCAAs (10.9 grams) help build muscle quickly and with ease. Oh, and it mixes well, and tastes great too!


  • Tastes better than most gainers
  • 1260 calories in every serving
  • BCAAs helps build muscle
  • Gluten-free
  • Easy mixing


  • Around 55 grams of sugar per serving
  • Taste can be a little bland

5. BSN TRUE-MASS 1200- Chocolate Milkshake

This Milkshake is a premium supplement that helps gain mass with a rich blend of proteins and carbs. It packs an incredible 215 grams of carbs per serving which include several kinds of amino acids, to go with 50 grams of high BV proteins.

You also get around 1200 calories in each scoop, which makes it the near perfect protein bars in the market.


  • High calorie intake (1200 calories)
  • 215 grams of carbs
  • High BV proteins (50 grams)
  • Easy to prepare


  • Chocolate tastes a bit artificial
  • Designed with pro-athletes in mind, so might not suit everyone

6. TRUE MASS, Chocolate Milkshake

If you’re looking for a mass gainer that will help you not only with gaining mass but with recovery as well after a heavy training session, then give this a try.

Alongside the usual protein and carb mix, this powder also packs 5-6 grams of fiber to help you get a good, nutritious mix of supplement in a minute.


  • 45-gram proteins with every serving
  • 5 grams of fiber, 10 grams of BCAA, and 90 grams of carbs
  • No soy protein
  • Creamy, tasty protein shakes


  • Taste might not be for everyone
  • Less protein than other similar products


This protein gainer supplement is ideal to build muscle. Instead of advertising the brawn and mass you will gain from this product, the company seems to focus on the taste and different recipes you can use it for, and for the right reasons too.

This supplements comes with the usual clean proteins and complex carbs, as well as all the other essential and non-essential amino acids & considered one of the best weight gainer on the market now.

However, what makes this powder stand out is its five patented ingredients, alongside no color and artificial sweetener. You can also use this musclemeds in various recipes like cakes and cookies to make your calorie intake even more delicious.


  • Made from naked casein, naked whey, organic raw cacao, organic coconut sugar, and organic Maltodextrin
  • Soy protein and gluten free
  • No added sugar or color
  • Protein (50 grams), carbs (251 grams), calories (1360), BCAAs (11.6 grams) in every serving
  • Can be used in other recipes


  • Doesn’t mix well with water
  • Upset stomach can be an issue for some

8. NOW Sports Carbo Gain Powder

The NOW Sports Carbo Gain Powder is a rather modest offering compared to many other products in the same range. It serves complex carbs in servings that offer around 250 calories per serving.

The best thing about this protein shake is, perhaps, the fact that it tastes very mild, mixes very well with water, and people rarely complain of stomach ache or gas from using this product.


  • Very mild taste
  • Mixes well with water
  • Complex carbs only
  • No added sweeteners
  • About 250 calories per serving


  • Low carb protein compared to other muscle gainers
  • May not be suitable for serious post workouts plans

9. Scientifically Superior Weight Gain Formula

The Scientifically Superior Weight Gain Formula is a potent, superior formula that comes enriched with documented anabolic drivers. What do they do? These drivers help you gain mass quick, which in turn helps you with recovering from hard workouts.

Another ideal one for weight gain is pretty heavy on the calorie as well – 1170 to be exact when combined with skim milk (2 cups), alongside 80 grams of protein. If you face problems with retaining mass because of your highly active metabolism, then this might just be the perfect mass gainer for you.


  • Superior formula
  • Anabolic drivers help retain mass
  • 1170 calories
  • Protein (80 grams)
  • Best for people with high metabolism


  • Taste can be an issue
  • Quite pricey compared to the offering

10. Universal Nutrition Real Gains

If dense protein shakes are your thing, then the Universal Nutrition Real Gains deserves a look-in from you.

This gainer packs a healthy 600 calorie offering per serving to help you gain that extra bit of mass. The mix is easily digestible, tastes great with delicious flavors, and comes with both slow and fast digesting carbs to make sure you get all the necessary supplements in the right amounts.


  • 600 calories
  • Delicious flavors
  • Easily digestible
  • Mixes well with water and other liquids
  • Thick protein shakes
  • Healthy Fats


  • More fat than carbs
  • Thicker than most other protein supplements

How to Choose A Mass Gainer? 

Carb-Protein Ratio

The ideal mass gainers should have a 3:1 ratio of carbs and proteins ration. The protein blends should be complex, meaning a mix of slow, medium, and fast absorbing proteins packed into one, whereas carbs get absorbed slowly naturally.

The reason behind complex proteins being the best combination is that fast proteins will be absorbed faster, thus giving you energy, while the slow-absorbing ones will give you that extra bit of energy afterward, making it an even supply of protein throughout your workout.

Added Enzymes

As a regular, musclemeds are painfully familiar with, bloating can be a very common issue after taking this. To prevent this, you need to have digestive enzymes present in the gainer.

When you’re buying one, make sure that your protein supplement comes with these enzymes to prevent digestive issues such as stomach ache, gas, and even diarrhea.

Sugar Value

Always Keep in mind that added sugar in protein bars can be hard to digest, and do harm to your internal organs like liver and heart. Instead, opt for a muscle gainer that packs little to no sugar, and is easy on your blood pressure.

Essential Nutrients

Contrary to popular belief, gainers are not just calorie, protein, and carb rolled into one fine powder. Mass gainer contain a number of extra nutrients, most important among which are multivitamins and essential minerals.

These extra nutrients not just help you with your daily essential nutrient calorie intake, but make the processing inside your body much easier.

What Are The Benefits of Using Muscle Gainer Supplements? 

Quality Proteins


Carbs provide you with energy during hard workout sessions. Muscle gainers pack a lot of carbs that help you maintain intensity for a good, all-around workout.

Quality Proteins

Many bodybuilders swear by quality proteins for their amazing physique, and they are not wrong.

Proteins can be wonderful as supplements when you’re looking to get a lean body or to maintain one, which is richly available in muscle gainer supplement.

Muscle Growth

This is perhaps the most apparent benefit of taking a supplement. When you workout to stay fit, or to get a good physique, a lot of hard work and dedication are required. You work your ass off in the gym, sweating and burning the body fat.

At the end of the day, you need to recover this burnt energy for the next day, or you will be working your body over time. Muscle gain supplements help in achieving this by aiding you in muscle recovery, as well as in building those muscles in the first place.

Fiber Rich organic foods for muscle growth

Mineral and Vitamin Mix

Muscle gainer supplements do not just give you brawn, but they come equipped with essential minerals and vitamins as well.

Best quality protein powder can work as effective vitamin supplements alongside being rich in calorie and protein.

Fiber Rich

The gainer pills also help with your digestion, keeping you from gaining water mass to get bloated. You get a leaner, fitter body free of unnecessary fat and healthy mass.

Do Gainer For Muscle Gain Have Any Side Effects?

 Although mass gainer are an attractive option for people looking to add that extra bit of calorie in their daily workout, especially hard gainers, supplement might not be for everyone.

Since you’re feeding your body these supplements to get a fitter, leaner physique, you need to know the possible side effects. Some of these include:

High Sugar in protein shake

High Sugar

Many muscle building supplements are packed with added sugar to add extra calorie, as well as for a better taste. Such large amounts of sugar can to harm to your digestive system, blood pressure, and brain.

So make sure that the protein powders you’re buying comes with little to no sugar packed into it.

Digestive issues

A common issue among hard gainers, the same muscle gainers seem to affect different people in different ways. The same muscle gainer supplements may be perfectly alright with someone, while someone else might complain of extreme gas, stomach ache, and other digestive disorders.

This has less to do with the muscle supplement themselves and more with the fact that not all people’s digestive systems are the same. If you face such issues, a good option is to switch your mass gainer brand and see if the effects are gone or not.

Gaining Bulk instead of Brawn

The basic concept of a muscle gain supplement is that you intake a huge amount of calorie through them, and then burn them out in hard workouts. However, some people, which include primarily hard gainers, fail to realize this and depend on this gainers minus the workout to gain mass.

This instead results in getting bulk, or fat, instead of lean muscle growth. If you’re a hard gainer, remember to match your workout regime with your muscle gainer calorie intake for a better form and physique.

Digestive issues

Liver Issues

Like any other supplement, muscle gainers supplement need to be taken with care, and by following standard guidelines. For example, you need to drink plenty of water when you’re taking a muscle gaining supplement.

You also need to have a properly designed dietary plan to balance out your regular food intakes against your best mass gainer supplements intake.

If you don’t pay enough attention in this regard, you may end up with physical issues, some of which may be extremely dangerous. These include liver and heart issues among others. To avoid such complications, make sure to follow the guidelines as mentioned by the growth supplement you’re buying, as well as your trainer and doctor.

Breathing Issues

Have you ever felt like being bloated after taking a protein shakes? Well, you’re not the only one. Feeling bloated and full of water is a common issue among hard gainers, which usually goes away after a few minutes. However, the lasting effect of this could be trouble breathing among others.

To counter these, make sure to avoid doing weights for a few minutes after drinking your protein shake, and do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Who Can Benefit from Muscle Gaining Supplements And Why Do You Need Them? 

If you’re new to supplements, you might be asking yourself by now – do you really need supplements? Who and what are these gainers made for exactly? protein Supplement can be extremely useful for:

a. Gaining Mass

Well, that’s what mass gainer supplement is made for, right? If you’re looking for a harder workout to get in shape, you’ll naturally need a lot of calories to keep up with the burnt body fuel.

With the huge amount of calories, protein, and carb-packed into them, muscle gain supplement can help you put on that extra weight.

Why Muscle gaining supplements

b. Hardgainers

It becomes particularly difficult for hard gainers to put on extra weight due to their highly active digestive system.

Mass gainers can be a massive blessing for them, as it helps gain and retain that extra bit of weight they desperately need.

c. Muscle Recovery

Supplement helps you after extreme workouts to recover your muscle mass and strength. After a hard training session, you can kick back with a glass of your shake, and be ready for next day’s workout.

d. Fitness Goals

Aside from extreme workouts, if you have other fitness goals like building endurance or strength, a muscle gainer will provide you with ample energy.

Be careful choosing your lean muscle building supplement based on your fitness goal and exercise routine though, or else you might end up with unwanted fat or bulk.

f. Pro athletes

Well, this one is pretty obvious, right? Among all the fitness and workout enthusiasts, professional athletes go through the toughest of exercise regimes.

The amount of energy burnt by the top athletes in a regular workout session may scarcely be believable for the regular people. To keep up with such intense calorie burning, supplements can be a blessing.

Few Famous Muscle Gainers 

• Optimum Nutrition Serious

 is a top quality brand, and its Serious Protein Powder is a premium offering that packs a hell lot of nutrients. Powered by 1250 calories, high-quality protein (50 grams), carbohydrates (250 grams), 25 vitamins, this can be a great solution when it comes to giving your body that extra boost for intense workouts.


If you’re looking for the best quality mass gainer that’s tastier and more delicious than most other products in the market, then the  can be your top pick. It is made from casein protein, naked whey, organic raw cacao, organic coconut sugar, and organic Maltodextrin, and free from added sugar and gluten.  You can also use this muscle supplement in various recipes like cakes and cookies to make your intake even more delicious.



Q:I get a terrible stomach ache and/or gas from taking muscle gainers. What can I do?

A:If that’s the case, chances are that the supplement you’re using now isn’t suiting your digestive system very well. A quick fix would be to switch to another top mass gainer and see if that brings any change.

Q:I’m new to this – how exactly do I take a mass gainers supplement?

A:Mass gainers are usually sold in powder form. You can either mix them with water or mix them into smoothies with a whole lot of other ingredients.

Q:Will I gain mass just from taking muscle gainer?

A:This is a popular misconception, as even the muscle gainer supplement for skinny guys alone won’t help you gain mass. You need to complement them with exercise to burn out the calorie and get lean muscles, fitter physique.

Q:I feel kind of bloated after taking muscle gain supplement. What can be wrong?

A:It is probably because there aren’t enough enzymes packed into your supplement to help your body absorb it easier. When you’re buying protein for lean muscle mass, make sure it comes with nutrients that help you absorb it well.

Q:Is too much sugar in Muscle growth supplements bad?

A:Yes, very! Excessive sugar is one of the causes of supplements side effects. It will harm your body, especially liver and heart. The lesser the sugar, the better the muscle growth supplement.

As for our recommendations for choosing the best protein powder, the Optimum Nutrition Serious mass gainer is a premium offering with 1250 calories, protein (50 grams), carbohydrates (250 grams), and 25 vitamins.

This best muscle gainer supplement for skinny guys can be great for that extra boost to your body for heavy workouts.

We also love the CHOCOLATE LESS NAKED MASS – All Natural mass weight gainer as you can add this to various recipes like cakes and cookies to make your intake even more delicious.It is made from naked micellar casein, naked whey, organic raw cacao, organic coconut sugar, and organic Maltodextrin, and is free from added sugar and gluten.

Final Words

Mass gainer protein can be a great way to gain muscle growth, particularly for hard gainers who find it difficult to gain mass or recover muscle mass after workouts.

However, they do come with side effects, some more common and others rarer. If you understand the muscle building supplement side effects and know how to avoid them, then you can choose the best mass gainer that suits your body, and go for that lean muscles, fit body you deserve.

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