10 Best Electric Shaver For Women in 2019

Best Electric Shaver For Women top recommendationGetting those silky smooth legs is every woman’s dream, but it also means to get reacquainted with that darn razor you absolutely hate.

The best electric shaver for women can help you get rid of that messy business by giving you a quick, hassle-free shaving experience in minutes.

There are a lot of electric shavers for women available on the market – we are here to help you choose the best one for you with our best lady shaver reviews.


Types Of Electric Shavers For Women

Electric shavers are just what the name suggests – automated shavers that are powered by electricity, either directly from the socket or by batteries, to help you get rid of unwanted body hair. Based on the design of the blades, electric shavers come in two basic types:

» Foil Shavers

These shavers come with a number of blades that glide over the skin behind a slit in a screen. These usually provide with a closer shave, but can be harder to clean.

» Rotary Shavers

These are equipped with a set of rotating blades behind a grid. These are easier to clean and make less noise, but the end result is just a little bit less fine.


Our Two Favorites Electric Shavers For Women

The Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401 is a great epilator with the ability to remove hairs as little as 0.5 mm. It comes with 21 hypoallergenic discs that can operate in two different speeds for thinner and thicker hair. It is easy to clean and comes with an efficiency cap to be used around sensitive areas like bikini lines.

Another best electric shaver for women currently in the market is the [azrev_link_text asin=”B001JQLNFA”]Gillette Venus Comfortglide Women’s Razor[/azrev_link_text] . It is a unique product that uses moisture bars to help make your skin smoother before the shave and radiant after the shave, taking out the fear of skin irritation.


Best Electric Shaver For Women Comparisons in 2019 – Summary

Product ImageNameEditor RatingsPrice
SKG Wide Chute Masticating JuicerA+
Omega VERT Slow Juicer VSJ843QSA+
TribestSlowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and MincerA
Omega J8006 Nutrition Center JuicerA


How To Choose The Best Electric Shavers For Women?

 ➧ Dry or Wet 

Do you shave using gel or foam, or just dry? While it is true that wet shaving is often more effective, dry shaving can be a lifesaver when you are in a hurry. Your best bet will be to buy a dual-mode shaver that supports both wet and dry shaving to avoid the hassle.



Not all shavers are waterproof and thus cannot work in the shower or the tub. For this reason, think whether you will be using the shaver only for the occasional dry shaving, or in water, and pick a model that satisfies your requirement.


 Power Options 

Shaver’s can run on a direct connection, batteries, or both. The ones running on direct connection provides more power, but are not very portable. On the other hand, battery-run shavers can run out of power in the middle of a shaving session, leaving you with just one shaved leg. Decide on a power option for yourself, keeping in mind how you will be using your shaver.


 Shaver or Trimmer 

Trimmers are more effective in comparison to the best electric shaver for women’s pubic area when it comes to bikini lines and other sensitive areas. There are all-in-one models too, combining the best of both worlds.



What To Consider When Buying Electric Shavers For Women? 

✓ Your Skin

Regardless of the functionality, features, and price, your skin should be the first thing to consider when you’re choosing a shaver. For example, if you have extra sensitive skin, you might need to consider a specialized shaver. You can use the best men’s electric shaver for women’s legs shaving if you feel like it!


✓ Expensive Does Not Mean Quality

Some people make the mistake of buying an expensive shaver without ever considering its functions. Since it costs so much, it should be good, right? Wrong! More than the price, the effectiveness of your shaver depends more on your needs and whether or not the product can deliver them.


✓ Expect Less

No matter how good a shaver you buy, you will almost certainly not be able to deliver a razor-quality shave. Adjust your expectations accordingly, or you can be disappointed with a perfectly good product.


✓ Your Budget Matters

When going through the best lady shaver reviews, always keep your budget in mind. It is better to keep your expectations grounded to reality rather than choosing an expensive model and be disappointed with the price tag.

What Are The Benefits of Using Electric Shavers For Women?

➡ Time-saving

Rushing home after office for that date you have been waiting for weeks? Have a girls’ night out but at the last minute, you’ve decided to shave your legs? Regardless of the reason, a shaver can be a girl’s best friend when you are pressed for time.


➡ Portability

The best electric shaver for women is lightweight enough to carry around without hassle. On a pleasure trip or an office tour, you can simply put your shaver in the suitcase and whip it out anytime you want for a quick touchup.


➡ Helps Protect Sensitive Skin

Putting a razor on sensitive skin time and again can be quite damaging. Instead, a shaver can help you with close shaving without damaging the skin.


➡ More Convenient

Using a traditional razor to shave your legs or bikini line can be a messy business. A shaver can accomplish nearly the same result, with much less hassle.


10 Best Electric Shaver For Women – Reviewed Below:


1. Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver


[azrev_img_box asin=”B0018A32XS” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B0018A32XS” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Our first pick for the best electric shaver for women in the market is the ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver from Panasonic that supports both wet and dry shaving. Late for an important meeting or hurrying to a date? Use the quick dry shaving feature. Got a day off and want to treat yourself to a luxurious shave? Lather yourself up with gel or foam in the tub and use the wet mode!


This 3-blade shaver is hypoallergenic, meaning it won’t irritate your skin, and the pop-up trimmer helps with longer hairs, particularly around the bikini line. The trio of blades follows your body contours to give you the smooth, silky shaving experience you deserve.


  • Easy to hold shape that can be used by any hand
  • Triple blades float and adjust to body contour
  • Hypoallergenic blades prevent skin irritation
  • Pop-up trimmer to take care of longer and stray hairs


  • Battery is not replaceable
  • Might need multiple charges to shave your whole body


2. Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00BFXRVMQ” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00BFXRVMQ” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Braun is a trusted name when it comes to the best lady shaver reviews, and its Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Shaver holds up that tradition. It is not just another shaver, but an exfoliation tool too that takes care of your skin, giving it a smooth appearance after each shave.


This dual-care best electric shaver for women comes with a rounded head that glides over your skin using a floating foil for a close shaving experience. You can use it to shave your legs, underarms, and even bikini lines with comfort and ease.


  • Gives a closer shave than most other products in the market
  • Fully waterproof, can be used in the shower
  • Comes with an exfoliating tool
  • Batteries are replaceable


  • The AA batteries can cost quite a bit to replace
  • The thin metal casing feels a little flimsy


3. Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Ladies’ Electric Razor for Women

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00TI5ZMZQ” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00TI5ZMZQ” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The first epilator on this list, the Silk-épil 9 9-579 Ladies’ Electric Razor for Women from Braun is another great shaver that cleanses face with precision up to 6 times better than manual devices.

Its wide head uses Braun’s patented MicroGrip technology to remove facial hairs. The shaver head, combined with its trimmer cap, makes it easier to convert it into a full-scale dual purpose device for depilation.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Dual purpose device – both a shaver and an epilator
  • Easy to grip
  • Comes with seven extensions including trimmer and massage cap


  • Dry shaving may sometimes cause skin irritation
  • The charge can have very short life


4. Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver

[azrev_img_box asin=”B000G0GW6K” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B000G0GW6K” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]With four floating heads designed to adapt to the contours of your body, the ES2216PC Close Curves Women’s Electric Shaver from Panasonic is an all-purpose shaver suitable for your legs and underarms. It is also the best electric shaver for women’s pubic area.

Its shaving head comes with a pivot action system that gives you a very close shave. The hypo-allergenic blades are designed to prevent from irritation, supporting both wet and dry shaves.


  • Equipped with four hypo-allergenic blades
  • Overnight charging gives one hour of running time
  • Supports both dry and wet shave


  • No charging cord – the shaver needs to be inserted into the charging socket directly
  • A little too big in size to shave pubic hairs


5. Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401, Compact Hair Removal Epilator

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00742JW8S” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00742JW8S” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]A great epilator from Philips, the Satinelle Essential HP6401, Compact Hair Removal Epilator is gentle on your skin, removes hair as little as 0.5 mm, and keeps you stubble free for days. It even delivers a better performance than the best men’s electric shaver for women’s legs.

It comes with 21 discs that are hypoallergenic, set into a removable and washable head, which makes it very easy to clean. Its two-speed operation helps you both thicker and thinner hairs, giving you that glowing, stubble-free look.


  • Comes with an extension cord long enough to easily move around
  • Can be used all over the body
  • The head is very easy to clean
  • Comes with an efficiency cap for use in sensitive areas like bikini line


  • Can be used only on dry skin
  • Might not be suitable for super sensitive skin

6. Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00005JS5C” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00005JS5C” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]If you’re worried about using a trimmer on your sensitive skin, look no further than the ES246AC Bikini Shaper & Trimmer for Women from Panasonic. It comes with a handy, five-position design that lets you take care of hair from the hard to reach areas with ease.

It is the best electric shaver for women’s pubic area with its hypoallergenic razor, accompanied by an angled trimmer head and cleaning brush. Two AA batteries power the whole unit, making it easier to carry around.


  • Battery operated, portable design
  • Five different positions to choose from
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic body may feel a little cheap
  • Battery port can catch rust if water enters in it accidentally


7. Butterfly Shaver pro

[azrev_img_box asin=”B00FBKZENM” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00FBKZENM” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The Butterfly Shaver pro comes with five rotary blades in a head with the promise of taking care of all your body hair. Since it does not tug on hairs, longer hairs can easily be done away with it.

However, the best thing about this best electric shaver for women is definitely its charge features. It can hold charge for 90 minutes, and needs only two and a half hours to charge fully.


  • Easy to hold and use
  • Great portability
  • Works best for dry shaving
  • No tugging on hair


  • Should not be used in shower or bathtub
  • The battery tends to lose charge capacity over time


8. Remington WDF4840 Women’s Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver


[azrev_img_box asin=”B00H2B2REM” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B00H2B2REM” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]Remington is a reputed manufacturer when it comes to the best lady shaver reviews. Its WDF4840 Women’s Smooth and Silky Foil Shaver is a top notch performer along that line, delivering a superior grooming and shaving experience with its four-blade technology. For women who feel that the best men’s electric shaver for women’s legs will do a better job, this shaver is the answer.


The blades are hypoallergenic, accompanied by an Aloe Vera strip that nourishes the skin right after shaving to prevent any sort of irritation. This fully waterproof model can be used for both dry and wet shaving.


  • 30 minutes of runtime after each charge
  • Bikini trimming attachment included
  • Four-blade technique means more efficiency
  • Dual mode – both wet and dry shaving


  • Cleaning can be a bit difficult
  • The shaver feels quite bulky to be held in one hand


9. Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer

[azrev_img_box asin=”B001TH8Q72″ align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B001TH8Q72″ size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]The Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer stands out from its peers in the market due to its ultra-thin razors and the vibrating head.


It’s an all-in-one best electric shaver for women that works as both as a trimmer and a shaver, and comes with three different length settings. As an added benefit, this battery-powered shaver is great for everyday use, and easy to carry.


  • Close, comfortable shave
  • The pivoting head adapts to your body couture
  • The handle is very easy to grip
  • Waterproof – works great in the tub or shower


  • The razors can feel a little dull after using for a while
  • Sometimes it requires multiple turns to get rid of the hairs completely


10. Gillette Venus Comfortglide Women’s Razor

[azrev_img_box asin=”B001JQLNFA” align=”right” size=”m”][azrev_link_button asin=”B001JQLNFA” size=”s” bg-color=”#dd3333″ text-color=”#ffffff” text=”Check Price”][/azrev_img_box]A brilliant combination from Gillette, the Venus Comfortglide Women’s Razor comes with its patented moisture bars that are White Tea-scented to give you a pleasurable shaving experience.

It is equipped with 3 blades for close shaves and a rounded, pivoting head. During shaving, the moisture bars release body butter to help the blades move smoothly. Gillette has designed this shaver to not only give you a smooth shaving, but soft, glowing skin as well.


  • Moisture bars help protect skin from irritation
  • Pivoting blade can get hairs from hard to reach places
  • The moisture bars are easily refillable
  • Comes with suction cup to hold the razor in place


  • The refills can be hard to get
  • The moisture bars can be messy while shaving in the shower or tub

As for our recommendation for the best electric shaver for women, we love the Philips Satinelle Essential HP6401, Compact Hair Removal Epilator as it comes with 21 discs that are hypoallergenic, two-speeds, and can get rid of both thinner and thicker hair with ease.


The Gillette Venus Comfortglide Women’s Razor, on the other hand, is a unique product that uses its patented moisture bars to ensure a smooth shave with its 3-blade system.





Shaving isn’t something you would look forward to on a semi-weekly basis. It is irritating, time-consuming, and worst of all, quite messy. The best electric shaver for women can help you get the same results, minus all the hassle. Pick one from our list, and you will certainly love it.

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