The 10 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets in 2018

Egyptian cotton sheet

Ever experienced twisting and turning between your sleep because of uncomfortableness?

Ever wanted to come home from work to collapse on a soft, irresistibly made bed?

Here’s a good news for you then – the best Egyptian cotton sheets are the only tool you need for the ultimate luxurious sleep. Now you may be thinking…


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What is Egyptian Cotton Sheet?

This sheet is harvested in Egypt although made from the same plant species as the Pima cotton (which is grown in the United States).

However, the temperature and climate in Egypt are responsible for the longer fibers in Egyptian cotton bed sheets that hence contributes to the softness, quality, and durability of these sheets – which in turn gives you the maximum relaxation and peace when in bed.

11 Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Reviews in 2018

Blissfulness in bed begins with the right bedding essentials – equip yourself with one of these Egyptian bed cotton sheets for an idyllic sleeping experience.

1. HC Collection Bed Sheets Set

The beauty of this set? At an incredibly affordable price, you are able to exploit all the benefits of a quality Egyptian sheet. This four-piece set comes in a variety of colors and multiple sizes to allow you to customize your bedding as per your home decor requirements.


  • Affordable
  • Does not wrinkle
  • Soft and silky as advertised
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays cool


  • Excessively thin
  • Flimsy appeal
  • Not durable

2. MALOUF Genuine Egyptian cotton

An attractively designed sheet that comes in ivory, chocolate, white, khaki, slate and silver sage colors.

The workmanship of the MALOUF set enhances the look of your house with its charm while simultaneously improves the quality of your sleep with a 600 thread count and its ability to keep you cool at all temperatures.


  • Elasticity contributes to a secured fit
  • Comfortable
  • Comes in exquisite colors
  • Quality fabric


  • Expensive
  • Stiff for the first few uses
  • Shrinks after wash

3. Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set by Exceptional Sheets

Affordability and quality are usually hard to bring together but not so hard when it comes to Exceptional Sheets. Constructed with 100% genuine Egyptian cotton and produced with a 1000 thread count, you are sure to drift off into a deep sleep soon as you get in bed.


  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Wrinkle-proof
  • Cheaper than other Egyptian sheets
  • Easy to wash


  • Not as soft as most Egyptian sheets

4. Impressions 1000 Thread Count

Superiority is what the manufacturer of Impressions aims for – with its pillow set carefully manufactured with 1000 thread count, it redefines softness while it is designed to suit both solid and patterned bed sheets.

The oversized pillow is strong and comes in 10 vibrant colors to suit any of your decor needs.


  • Machine washable
  • Very well made
  • Reasonably priced
  • Thick


  • Complained to be rough
  • Wrinkles easily

5. Egyptian cotton Duvet Set

Visually appealing, grand and comfort are few of the words that sum up this Duvet set. A variety of vibrant colors is offered to complement your décor. Meanwhile, the sheet is thick and incredibly soft – perfect for snuggles in a cozy winter!


  • Quality material
  • Attractive
  • Exceptionally gentle to the skin


  • Color isn’t as accurate as the pictures

6. Brielle 400 Thread Count

When choosing a sheet for the guest room, it is best to opt for a reasonably priced sheet. Keeping that in mind, Brielle offers you quality within a budget with this 400 thread count sheet. With a fitted design and a sateen finish, it promisingly adds a lustrous shine to your room.


  • Cheap
  • Silky to touch
  • Fast delivery
  • Fits perfectly
  • Warm color schemed


  • Not durable
  • Noticeable pilling after few washes
  • Wrinkles quickly

7. California King Bed Sheet

Give your bedroom a complete tailored look with this fully elasticized model. With a pocket that measures 15” deep, it ideally fits mattresses of 6” to 18” thickness. Meanwhile, the 1000 thread count design contributes to the ultimate comfort in bed.


  • 1000 thread count for maximum coziness
  • Machine washable
  • Deep pockets
  • Sturdy stitching


  • Rough
  • Ununiformed color
  • Poor quality

8. Thread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton

Thread spread having a century worth of experience in the cotton industry, manufactures their products to be ideally delicate to the skin. The sheet set consists of a top and bottom sheet and two pillowcases that are tailored with care to make your ordinary night sleep feel extraordinary.


  • Fits most mattresses
  • Impeccable quality
  • Delicate to the skin
  • Elegant look


  • A defect in pillowcase size
  • Wrinkles after wash
  • Loose threads

9. Thomas Gene Deep Pocket Sateen Sheet Set

The Thomas Gene sheet set is carefully crafted to imitate the quality sensation of 5-star hotel sheets. The 18” deep pocket perfectly suits most mattresses and the craftsmanship and fabric choice is done to meet most of your bedding needs for maximum relaxation.


  • Lightweight
  • Keeps you cool
  • Breathable
  • Offers money back guarantee
  • Truly soft


  • Stains easy
  • Requires delicate maintenance

10. Queen Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton

Manufacturer of this sheet claims to offer a “world class sleeping experience” with its elasticized model that suitably stays in place regardless the twists and turns. The bed sheet set has everything you need in top-notch quality for a lasting, blissful sleep.


  • Sheet stays put
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Allows sufficient air flow


  • Not too soft
  • Wrinkles easily

11. Luxe Boutique Hotel Collection Hypoallergenic Egyptian Queen Sheet

Coming home to a stained bed is a nightmare but hard to get with this stain, wrinkle and fade resistant sheet that gives maintenance the top priority. It is further designed for easy cleaning to erase any effort that comes with preserving the spotlessness of bed sheets. It also brings with its elegance, luxury, and comfort.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fits easily
  • Cushion-like feeling
  • Easy to maintain


  • Rips easily
  • Cheaply made




What To Consider Before Purchasing your Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet?

Considering the popular saying that we humans spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, it is of vital importance to make sure we come home to a bed that makes us forget about the rough day we had. Thus educate yourself on these points to understand the major differences between ordinary sheets and Egyptian bed cotton sheets and hence make an informed investment on a comfortable sheet –

Thread count

Thread count indicates the number of horizontal and vertical threads within a square inch of the sheet. A higher thread count usually means a softer sheet which also means a bigger price to pay for. Egyptian cotton bedding sheets can be found with thread count starting from 200 and going beyond 1000.



The weave of the sheets determines how it feels against your skin. For a crispier, cooler sheet, a percale weave would be the right choice. Conversely, for a silky, luxurious feel, a sateen weave would be suitable. However, sateen weaved sheets are more slippery and warmer.


Ease of cleaning

It is vital to ensure your bed sheets are always clean and fresh to hop on. Thus considering machine washable models is important as hand washing large bed sheets is a lot of hard work.



Consider a color that best complements your home decor so that your bed does not look out of place.



It is important to consider the pocket size, width, and length of the sheet so it perfectly fits the mattress and isn’t too tight or too baggy to be uncomfortable and unappealing to the eye. Buying elasticized fitted sheet can give your bed a more tailored look.



You can find high-quality Egyptian cotton sheets at the price of $30 and even at $300. Consider your budget and begin your search for the best cotton sheet accordingly.



Why Should You Use Egyptian Cotton Sheet?

Personally, getting a good night sleep is enough to spend on the Egyptian bed cotton sheet, however, there are many other perks that come with it. These are few of the ways the Egyptian cotton bed sheet is superior to other cotton sheets in the market –

Pilling proof

Pills are tiny clots of material that are often associated with low-quality bedding and are irritating to the skin and unpleasing. Egyptian cotton sheets, however, are of high quality thus pilling proof regardless of how long it has been used.


Higher thread count

With a high thread count, Egyptian cotton bed sheets are soft, exceptionally comfortable and of high quality, unlike other sheets.


Longest cotton staples

The word staples are used to define the length of the cotton fibers. Amongst all cotton fiber, Egyptian cotton fibers are the longest and hence contribute to the strength and durability of the sheets. The longer fiber also creates stronger and finer yarns.



More often than never, people experience night sweats and suffocation during sleep. Egyptian cotton, however, is breathable which means air can easily flow through the sheets keeping you cool all night long.



Although comparatively highly priced than most sheets, Egyptian cotton offers you high quality and durable sheets that last long with one investment. Considering that, it can be said that they are highly cost-effective.


Frequently Asked Questions About Cotton Sheets

What thread count is best in sheets?

Ans: Sheets with thread count more than 200 is the best. With the increasing number of thread count, It becomes softer and smoother.


Why Egyptian cotton is the best?

Ans: The fiber of the Egyptian cotton is long, strong and soft. These features have made the cotton best from the others.


How many thread count is good for Egyptian cotton?

Ans: 200 threat count is good enough for the Egyptian Cotton and 400 thread count is the best among all.


Are 100 cotton sheets the best?

Ans: Yes. It is smooth and convenient. 100 cotton sheets provide an extra layer of smoothness and warmth which makes it the best.


What are the coolest sheets to sleep on?

Ans: Bamboo Sheets, Egyptian cotton sheets and microfiber sheets are the coolest ones for sleeping. These provide warmth and softness.


What is the difference between cotton and Egyptian cotton sheets?

Ans: The long lasting lengthy fibers of Egyptian cotton sheets are better than the normal cotton. The Egyptian cotton is also superior in thread count and providing ultra softness.


What Egyptian cotton sheets are the best?

Ans: Egyptian cotton sheets which are breathable, soft, silky and absorbent, are the best.


What material is the best for bed sheets?

Ans: Microfiber is the best as the material of bed sheets.


Is a 1500 thread count good?

Ans: Excessiveness of thread count can hamper the warmth and softness. So, 1500 thread count is not a good one for the sheet.

What is the difference between Egyptian cotton bedding sheets and microfibers?

Cotton sheets are most commonly used and most popular. While cotton sheets such as Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton come from plants, microfiber sheets are generated from wood pulp, polyester or polymer. Although microfibers are strong and smooth too, they are more affordable than cotton sheets and less breathable.


How should you wash Egyptian bed cotton sheets?

Most Egyptian cotton bedding fibers are machine washable and come with special manufacturer guide on how to wash the specific model. However, a typical instruction includes washing the sheets with cold water on a gentle cycle and then dropping it into the dryer on a low setting. This method of washing prevents your sheet from shrinking, wrinkling and creasing.


What is thread count and why does it matter?

Thread count refers to the number of individual threads that exist within a square inch of the sheet. The thread count of sheets matters because it is one of the indications of the softness of the sheet. Usually, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet.

What Are Some of The best Egyptian cotton sheets?


1. HC Collection Bed Sheets Set

Best Egyptian cotton sheets Best Egyptian cotton sheets

Affordability and quality simultaneously exist in this bed sheet set. Skeptical to spend on heftily priced bed sheets for your guest room although trying to make an impression? The Hotel Collection bed sheet is the way to go!

This set successfully gained around 16000 views and a 4.3 rating on Amazon, making it one of the most demanded bed sheet! Spice up your room with a beautifully decorated sheet that is hypoallergenic, dust repelling and environmentally friendly!



2. Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set by Exceptional Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set by Exceptional Sheets

Combining elegance and durability, Exceptional Sheets brings you a premium quality bedding that will leave you mesmerized just as it has left its Amazon users.

Although a bit on the pricey side, it is much more affordable than the other expensive cotton sheets, however, gives you the same level of comfortable service.

The set is extravagantly detailed with hem piping and comes with everything you need for a decorative bedding – welcome yourself to a luxurious bed every day.



3. Thomas Gene Deep Pocket Sateen Sheet Set


Reduce your daily life stress with this excellent quality sheet! Manufacture of this sheet claims to have made the product with extreme care for ultra-softness and comfort.

At an affordable price, Thomas Gene offers 5-star hotel experience in your own bedrooms.

The single ply sheet is lightweight and promises zero suffocation and maximized relaxation after a long, hectic day. Moreover, an elegantly crafted package makes it perfect to gift it to your loved ones!



Waking up in the middle of the night because of uncomfortableness is personally one the most undesirable thing to happen to me and I can only imagine how many of you share the same opinion as me.

A good night, quality sleep is a must to rejuvenate yourself for the next day thus Egyptian bed sheets mentioned in this article is worth every penny invested in your bed routine. Combining style and comfort, these sheets will have you leaving work early for a good night sleep –no more sweating and uneasiness!

If you’re still questioning yourself what’s the best Egyptian cotton bedding or who makes the best Egyptian cotton sheets, a personal favorite is the Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set by Exceptional Sheets.

This particular set has a high end finishing for an elegant appeal. It is made to leave your bedroom with a lustrous essence that will have your guests guessing the price! Other than its sophistication, Exceptional Sheets brings you an exceptional sheet that is durable, wrinkle resistant and easy to maintain!

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