6 Beauty Tips For New Moms & New Mom Beauty Must Haves

New moms — tired eyes— dull complexions- are some of the words which pretty much go hand in hand.

No wonder, these new mom problems are to be expected.

On the other hand, we also know motherhood is beautiful.

So the best is to embrace this phase of our life and focus on fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.


A new mother go through a state of transition of being the – dedicated mother- great wife- good friend-good daughter. Meanwhile, we have a sound piece of advice for the new moms and busy moms.


Let go of living up to everyone’s expectations and practice kindness towards yourself. Tell yourself its okay not to be perfect. What’s more, learn to forgive yourself.


Beauty Tips for New Moms


Short Hair For New Moms

There’s no denying it, as a new mother you won’t be able to spend those self-obsessive hours in front of the mirror, but it takes few minutes of simple beauty tweaks to get your gorgeous self back.


Gift yourself with favorite beauty rituals and do the best to flaunt your gorgeous hair. It is after all, only by loving our own-self can we genuinely start to love others.


While on our expedition to fix all our new mom troubles in a jiffy we went straight to the source and asked the drop dead gorgeous moms to share their essential beauty tips for busy moms.


Here we share time saving beauty routine and genius beauty tips for busy and new moms.


6 Beauty Tips for New Moms


Master A Minimalist Beauty Routine:

New moms, this is the time to keep your beauty regime as manageable as possible. De-clutter your bathroom cabinets stuffed with no-good beauty products. Transform your cabinet’s space with zero-waste beauty products packaged in recyclable containers.


New mom’s basic skin care items are mainly body moisturizer,, Blemish and acne control, Face Moisturizer and Exfoliates.


We know that we new mothers just can’t ditch our favorite new-mom-beverages aka red wine and coffee. But so can’t we ditch a broad white grin now, can we? New moms this time keep whitening strips handy at your cabinet to fight the teeth stain.



Deal With Your Post-Delivery Hormonal Changes:


Expect post hormonal changes making your skin extra sensitive and dry.

Expect cracked hands.

There are diapers to change and bottles to clean. But that’s just part of the story…

This never-ending chore will leave you with extremely cracked skin and dry fingers.

And with the hormonal fog surrounding you this is the high time to stash mini tubes of Advanced Healing Ointments. Opt for Vaseline which will sooth your dry skin and also help your cracked hand.



Pucker Up, Ladies!


We know how our new-mom group loves to smooch their babies but rarely gets the time to daunt on lip sticks and lip swatches.

This is the time to keep your lips hydrated with Maybelline Baby lips.



Liven Up Your Exhausted Looks


We know how everyone keeps telling you that!

We suffered and dealt and eventually mastered the quickest way to look as- lively as Blake Lively- the 29 year old gorgeous new mom who had her second daughter just this last year.

As Lively admits – to add the ‘pop of color’ she always keeps a mascara and Lip shades at her Chanel bag, we also discovered that curling our lashes and applying a quick coat of mascara did the trick of making us look as lively as possible.



Revive Your Glow And Keep Feeling Sexy


Feed yourself right and soothe redness with the right products.

Get plenty of sleep. This is the way for the new parents to revive their glow. The best way for new mothers to get the glowing skin back is by starting to do yoga.

Try the yoga poses. Simply stated, yoga is essentially the easiest way for new moms to stay fit and live a tension free life.

Not to forget, treat yourself occasionally with beauty rituals and treatments for instant uplifting glows. There is no crime in it!


Don’t forget to ramp outside with sexy legs and high heels. And new moms here please don’t stop shaving your legs.


And ditch your laser hair removal sessions and get rid of your disposable blades and razors. Busy mothers like us should rather opt for the electric shavers. I bet, there is lots of good electric shaver for women just available at your local drugstore.



Master Minimalistic Hair Approach


Now is the time to embrace minimalist hair style and make yourself look effortlessly chic. As for the hair tips for busy moms we got to say that –you should start loving their hair texture.

Opt for ponytails and hair ties to make things faster.

Best of all talk to your stylist and take suggestions for suitable hair products and finally get the much-needed hair-cut.

With hours of strolling around with the baby and walking around the beach with the baby stroller our hair needs the protection from the sun.

Of Course sun hat is a great way but for color treated hair now is the best time to try a good protective spray.




New Mom Beauty Must Have Accessories

Eyelashes for New Moms

We know how hard it can be to try on make ups and lip swatches with our baby and toddlers around.

So this time, apart from the must-have baby items and make-up product we focus on the new mom skin care must-haves.

You might just very well ditch your Airbrush Makeup kit after all because these new mom favorites will drastically change your overall complexion.


Eye Cream And Under-Eye Brighteners

Here’s why – these essentials provide the anti-puff solution.  Roll on a pint of eye cream to bring outstanding difference your overall tired look and lessen the appearance of dark circles.


Moisturizing Gels

And another essential new mom beauty product is the moisturizing gel which does wonder in fighting dull complexion.


Facial Cleansing Brush

New mom’s minimalistic skin care should essentially include the facial cleansing brush. It provides the perfect, easiest and fastest way to get the clear glowing skin.


Stretch-Mark-Busting Balm

Every new mother want stretch marks out of their abdomen, hips, and buttocks and away from our life!

So they love the stretch marks survival kit to simply banish the stretch!


For the new mothers with jam-packed schedule and newborn in their arms, indulging and pampering with a beauty regimen may be the last thing to consider.

But trust me, it is high time for the new moms to start practicing the art of self-love and understand that it is not selfish to make yourself a priority.

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