Beauty Tips For Healthy Skin : Top 10 Dos and Don’ts For Naturally Glowing Skin

Beauty tips for healthy skin a lot of the times seems like quite the challenge when trying to obtain that “flawless” skin.

When it comes to beauty tips, especially homemade beauty tips, it appears every woman wants a piece of the teaching cake, am I right?

Homemade beauty tips have been created through tradition, woman to woman hand down throughout the years and that alone is what makes general beauty tips so special and valuable.

Most all beauty tips started behind private closed doors and today, we are going to be taking a quick look at ten beauty tips for healthy skin.


10 Healthy Skin Care Tips For A Glowing Face


Remember to Drink Plenty of WaterWater-health beauty tips

As casual as this may seem, but one of the most important key components for healthy skin is to always stay hydrated, which means to drink a lot of water each day.  In general, a person should consume eight, 8-ounce glasses of water daily to maintain a natural healthy glow for the overall skin.


Include Antioxidants Inside Your Diet

It’s so important to always include antioxidants in your diet because antioxidants, in general, are the best resources that your body must fight off illness, as well aging.  How?  Simply by reducing inflammation and inflammation is the leading cause of forming wrinkles.  Some basic foods with antioxidants in them will include the following…

  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Acai berries
  • Goji berries
  • Pomegranates
  • Spinach


Watch Out for The Sun

Another key component to take into consideration is to remember to limit your sun exposure and if you must be out in the sun, make sure you’re wearing at least a 50 SPF sunscreen.  One of the most horrid things a person can do to their skin is exposed it to the sun under unhealthy circumstances by not wearing enough sunscreen and staying out in the sun too long.


Getting Great Exercise

This is quite important when it comes to healthy skin and you probably wouldn’t think that by engaging inside of exercise routines would help the circulation and natural shine to your skin, but exercise does.  It’s very healthy to sweat during an exercise, as this will tend to give your skin that rebirth it needs on a weekly basis.


Obtaining That Beauty SleepSleep

When trying to get healthy and beautiful skin, you will need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep not just a couple of nights a week, but every single night if possible.  Health beauty tips are only as important if you practice them.

Keep in mind that your skin needs to heal, rest, and replenish itself for at least eight hours each night to obtain healthy skin.  This is your skin’s time to take a breather and get ready for the next day of makeup, outside chemicals and so on.


Have A Skincare Schedule

This is so important when it comes to having natural and healthy skin.  You will need to create a skincare routine and follow it every single day so your skin can get used to a specific type of product and react accordingly.

We are a reflection of what’s been reflected in us and our skin works within that same type of functionality.  It doesn’t matter if it’s just a single mud mask and a moisturizer, if that is your skincare routine, practice and sticks with it.


Clean Those Makeup Brushes

If you don’t clean your makeup brushes, then you will be transferring germs onto your face.  It’s so important that you clean your makeup brushes and sponges at least twice a week.  If you never clean your brushes and sponges, then every single time you place on your makeup, you will be smearing dirt and germs all over your face.

This will stunt the growth of healthy skin and that’s the last thing you would want to happen.  Clean your brushes for a cleaner and healthier face, as this still stands as a vital component regarding health beauty tips.


Sanitize That Smartphone

On a constant and daily routine, we are always holding our phones, sitting our phones down on dirty tables and surfaces and then what do we do?  That’s right.  We put our phones right up to our ear for a chat, but what you’re doing instead is transferring germs and dirt right into the pores of your skin.

Your facial skin will not be able to breathe and replenish itself throughout the day.  Sanitize your smartphone for a healthier and cleaner face.  You are what you put on your face.


Exfoliate Your Skin

This will be a very important component when it comes to healthy skin because when we exfoliate, our pores will tend to get smaller, which will lead to not being able to hold as much dirt on the surface of the skin.

Larger pores only mean that more facial dirt is clogged inside and when we exfoliate, our pores will get smaller, meaning less dirt on the facial skin.  The smaller the pores, the healthier and cleaner a person’s face will evolve into.


Strip Off All Makeup Before BedMakeup-health beauty tips

Before you hit the covers, make sure that you absolutely take off all traces of makeup from the day because if you don’t, how will your skin be able to breathe?

It can’t because there is a “mask” on it, which will hold in all the dirt from your day and when the day’s germs and dirt remain upon your skin, there is no way for your skin to replenish and cleanse itself during sleep.

Health beauty tips are so important when it comes to the clarity and well-being of your skin, but what’s even more important is to get all of your makeup off before you get some shuteye.

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