Shower in Style: What You Need to Install While Decorating a Bathroom

Our mind is the slave of the environment. How?

Well, it’s quite simple.

The mind replies to you according to the environment it faces. For example, if your table is messed up, there is a very little chance that you can work properly without any hassle.

This is why everything should have a proper style, even your daily shower. Yes! Today we are going to give you some valuable tips on how you can manage a perfect bathroom to take a stylish shower. Why is it necessary? The shower is the only personal time you get for the whole day. So, you should spend it properly.


Follow these tips to make it your best time of the day. Ready?


8 Bathroom Shower Decoration Ideas You Can Implement Today:


Use the Shower Curtain Rods

The first and foremost part of taking a great shower is having privacy. The problem starts right from this requisite. Most of the time, we have to share a room to save money for accommodation. Everything is dividable but the washroom. In emergencies, your roommate may want to use the bathroom.

Luxurious Shower

And, guess what? You are taking shower! Only the shower curtain rods can save you and your friend in this situation. If you can install the shower rod, just flip the curtain when someone else is in the bathroom. Continue your shower and let your friend continue his business.

Loofah: Select Carefully

Sometimes a little crunchy thing may add extra comfort. Using a loofah during the shower is a good example of that. You may think that it is cleaning all the dirt and harmful particles from the body. But the reality can be different.

A loofah is made from a processed vegetable. When you are using it frequently, there is a chance of getting rashes on your body. Also, some sensitive parts of the skin can be hampered. To avoid such problem, you have to rethink about using the loofah. A soft brush or piece of cloth can do the similar task for you.

However, the loofah should be cleaned with detergent. Make sure that only you use the loofah. It is a personal tool and must remain personal.

shower head

Install a Top Quality Shower Head

Nothing is good until the flow of water is perfect. And, this is where you will require installing a good quality shower head. When you are going to rinse off the shampoo, the water must have a good flow. The basic problem happens with shower rods is losing the pressure of water.

There are some special shower heads for the low pressure that can solve the issue. Make sure you have installed the best one in the market. Also, don’t forget to check it before the plumber leaves your house.

The flow should be satisfactory and you need to be sure that it is perfect for your refreshing shower.

Soap and Shampoo Racks

Soap and Shampoo Racks

A shower is incomplete without soap and shampoo. Sometimes, the racks are not quite okay with the placement of shower. You have to install them in the right place for a perfect shower experience

The racks have to be durable and stainless. If there any chance of getting broken, try to remove the cases and use the soap in a different rack. For shampoo bottles, you can add some DIY techniques. These cylinder-shaped bottles can be placed in a netted bag. Organize everything more carefully while taking the shower.

Keep the soap at somewhere safe and easily reachable without contacting with water. None wants melted soap.

Towel Hanger

Though you may find it a small fact, having a dry towel is the most important thing after you complete taking shower. If the hanger is near the shower head, it will have a chance of getting wet. To avoid such incident, you have to follow the same guideline for soap racks.

towel hanging

Install the hanger to a reachable height but far from the shower head. And, to get the best result, try not to make it get contacted with the walls. There is a plenty of insects roaming on the bathroom walls. You will not want to see any of them in your towel. A customized towel hanger is essential for completing the cleaning process properly.

Bathtub for the Most Luxurious Shower

If you want to experience the best shower, a bathtub is mandatory. Leaving the body inside the tub is something else. Though it is quite spacious and pricey, consider a bathtub as a lifetime investment.

You can also imagine the view of taking a shower inside the bathtub filled with rose petals. There are several types of bathtubs found in the market. You need to search for the most suitable one that fits in your washroom.

Wear a Bathrobe

What will you wear after the shower? That is also an important part of the shower. Rather than wearing your common dress, try using a bathrobe. It helps to keep your skin wet and fresh for a while. Also, the bathrobe keeps your other clothes away from the touch of the bathroom walls.

Though bathrobes are for wearing during the shower, they have to be dried after wearing. Otherwise, there will be odor and you may not want to wear something in any condition.

Use a Slipper

Bathroom floors are slippery. If you have a habit of dancing while showering like me, there is a strong chance of breaking a bone by falling. Just kidding! A pair of slipper can save you from harmful germs and fall on the floor.

Don’t go for the expensive ones. Purchase an inexpensive and non-slippery bottomed slipper. This will save you from any mishap during the shower.


Done! Get all the items and install them in the bathroom. You will start waiting for taking shower when the decoration is right. Clean them with cleaning liquid regularly. Keep them free from germs. Shower in style, make the day special. Relax and enjoy! Have fun.

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